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2 QB Dynasty Startup PPR 12/14 teams (1 Viewer)


Starting dynasty league, have 9 owners currently, need minimum 12, if there is more interest will go to 14.

2QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1WRRB Flex/1WRRBTE Flex K and DEF

PPR league

working out details but likely 10-12 bench and 3 IR

Doing email slow draft once league fills on MFL. I'll cover MFL fees, $20 buy in winner takes all.

patricktoohey@gmail.com if you're interested

Noneshallpass, you're our 12th. Email me at patricktoohey@gmail.com

I'll send group email so all owners can confirm interest and availibility to slow draft this weekend.

Invites following that.


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