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2 Spots Left *Drafting ASAP* | MFL Dynasty Dispersal | $60/yr | 0.5 PPR | 22 Team Double Player Copy (1 Viewer)


NEED 2 MORE for MFL Dynasty Dispersal Draft (4 total teams in pool) for our long running dynasty league, The League of Thrones. Great value available and drafting ASAP!

$60/yr | 22 team |2 player copy | 0.5 ppr

Dispersal draft assets are found on the below google doc, sheet 1 has the 4 orphan teams that make up the draft pool. Draft will be snake format and will start as soon as all remaining slots are filled, all others in league are paid up and ready to go. Dispersal will include 2023 and 2024 rookie draft picks listed on sheet 1 of the google doc (in addition to each team having a full compliment of their own 2024 rookie picks) and the rookie draft will start immediately after the dispersal has finished.

GroupMe app use is required for league communication and for helping to facilitate dispersal and rookie drafts.

Fun active league, extra cash prizes available for division winners and w/ included survival pool

All owners must be paid up 1 year in advance at all times, new owners joining through the dispersal will need to pay $120 total through Leaguesafe.com. This will pay for 23/24 and grant access to 2024 draft pick trading.

Please email mwallace1141@yahoo.com if interested or with any questions.
Silly forum won't let me post the google doc link or link to our MFL page so please provide email if interested and I can send right away.

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