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2 spots open in our last keeper PPR league. Draft thursday! (1 Viewer)



We filled all our slow draft keeper leagues except the last one, now we only has 2 spots left. These leagues are brand new leagues so no worry about taking over another persons old team. YOU DRAFT BUILD YOUR TEAM FROM SCRATCH!

Many members from Football Guys play in these slow draft leagues.

Details: Only two spots left

  • $50 Entry
  • Slow style snake draft. Takes about one week.
  • 10 teams
  • 10 active ( Includes 2 QB'S!)
  • 6 Bench
  • PPR
  • You can trade picks and players.
  • No one commish of the league. All members vote on issues.
  • First and second place for the most points in standings.
Like I mentioned list is our last available keeper league for this season. If you want in email me at dtriley@optonline.net.

9 guys in just need one more and we draft this Thursday...

Shoot me an email to grab the last spot and lets get to drafting... Great bunch of guys who love fantasy football.

Who wants the last spot?


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