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[2 Spots Remaining] $300 Startup Dynasty, Auction Draft, 12-Team, Fantrax Treasurer, CONSTITUTION IN DESCRIPTION (1 Viewer)


Welcome to the Champions League. This is a 12-team league that was formed in 2018. This league is considered a money league, and all owners are expected to pay their league fee by the date designated on our league homepage. This league is designed to be a competition between dedicated owners, but it is not a cut-throat league where anything goes. The rules described below are designed to act as a guideline for overall league play, and any disputes will be handled by the executive committee of the league. Please remember that the overall goal of this league is to have fun and enjoy the game of football. If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

1.1 Executive Committee

The executive committee for the league consists of:

Commissioner – Anthony Smith (asmith101880@gmail.com)

Co-Commissioner – Robert Fabbre (rob94023@yahoo.com)

The executive committee will be responsible for resolving all disputes that are not expressly covered by this constitution. If a committee member is involved in the dispute, that member will excuse themselves from the decision process. The committee will reach out to owners on all matters to get a consensus before acting on any unresolved issues. While all owners are encouraged to submit suggestions to the committee, the committee's decision on all matters is final.

1.2 Living Constitution

It is important to note that this is a living, breathing constitution that will change and evolve over the lifetime of this league. Changes will happen between seasons as often as possible and will be effective from that point moving forward. If you have suggestions for changes, please submit them to one of the executive committee members.


The league fee for The Champions League will be charged to each team owner and committee member, payable to Fantrax via there Treasurer Product which acts as holding account for our league funds.

2.1 League Fee

League fee will be $300 from each owner. All owners are expected to pay their league fee by the date designated on our league homepage.

2.2 Prize Money

League prize money will be paid out within seven days of the completion of the championship game.

League Champion receives $1,700

League Runner-Up receives $900

League’s 3rd Place receives $320.05

Division Winners (3) receive $200 each

Fantrax site fee ($79.95) has been deducted from the payouts above.


The Champions League will consist of 12 teams, broken into 3 divisions of 4 teams each. The schedule will randomly generate, with each team playing every other team in their division 2 times.  The remainder of the schedule will consist of 1 game for each non-divisional opponent.  There will be 1 non-divisional opponent per year that you will not have a matchup against.

3.1 Standings Tie Breakers

Overall Winning Percentage

Total Fantasy Points Scored

Head-to-head Winning Percentage

Best Division Record

3.2 Playoff Tie Breakers

Highest Seed

3.3 Playoffs

After the completion of the regular season, 6 teams will make the playoffs. All division winners will be awarded a playoff spot and the 3 highest ranking non-division winners will also be awarded a spot.  Playoff seeding will be calculated by whole-league standings.  The top 2 teams will get the byes and the playoffs will reseeded after each round (similar to the NFL playoffs).  Playoffs will run weeks 14 through 16.


Rosters in The Champions League consist of 15 active players, 21 reserves and 4 IR.  All 36+IR players on your roster will carry over to the next year. There are no position limits, and owners are free to have as many players from any position as they like.

4.1 The Startup Draft

Draft date and time will be posted on the league homepage. Owners are expected to attend the draft. This will be a live auction style draft with a $360 dollar budget to draft 36 players.  $1 bid increments and a $1 minimum opening bid. Undrafted players will go to waivers. Timer settings are as follows:

Nomination Time Limit = 30 seconds

Initial Bid Time Limit = 20 seconds

Bid Reset Time = 10 seconds

We will take a 5-10 minute break every 60 minutes if needed and commissioner has the ability to pause draft for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the draft.  Although available, these will need to be minimal in order to push the draft along with good pace.

4.2 Off-Season Rookie/FA Draft

Every offseason the league will conduct a 5-round Rookie/FA draft.  This will be a slow draft via email and will have a 24-hour/pick time limit.  Prior to the draft all teams will have to make room on their rosters for the draft by dropping as many players as they have picks in the draft. If you wish to forgo draft picks in lieu of dropping players let the commissioner know before the scheduled draft.  There will be a “drop” period sometime in March were all FA’s will be locked and added to the upcoming Rookie/FA draft pool. Picks will be determined in the following manner and end of season standings will be the decider, playoff outcomes will have no effect on draft order:

1st – 6th place will receive picks 12 – 7 respectively

7th place will receive the 1st pick

8th – 12th place will receive 2 – 6 respectively

4.3 Free Agency

Free Agency will be conducted on a first come, first served basis. Owners have unlimited adds and drops. All dropped players will move to waivers for a period of 2 days where owners can bid using FAAB dollars.  Owners will have a $100 FAAB budget per year.

4.4 Trades

Trading is allowed and encouraged in the league, and may be conducted between any owners. Trades may include multiple players from any position, as well as draft picks.  If your roster becomes illegal after a trade you will need to resolve any issues before your roster can become valid again.  There is no max number on the amount of trades per season and the trade deadline will be after week 12 of the NFL season.

4.4.1 Trade Veto

The executive committee reserves the right to reverse any trade that they deem inconsistent with league competition and fair-play standards. This veto will only be invoked in extreme cases where it is obvious that one owner is trying to give another owner an unfair advantage. The owners in question may offer reasons why the trade should be allowed, but the decision of the executive committee is final once it has been rendered. If the trade involves a committee member, they may offer reasons for the trade to be allowed but will not have a say in the final committee decision.  Other than the exception above all trades will go through a 2-day waiting period where the league has a chance to review and veto if they deem necessary.  There would need to be 6 votes against for a trade to be vetoed.

4.5 Starting Lineups

Starting lineups in The Champions League will consist as follows:

1 Quarterback

2 Running Backs

3 Wide Receivers

1 Tight End

1 Flex (Running Back, Wide Receiver)

1 Flex (Wide Receiver, Tight End)

1 Super Flex (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End)


Players may be added or removed from the starting lineup up until the start of the player’s game for the week.

4.6 Active Ownership Requirements

Each owner is expected to actively manager their team each week, even if they are eliminated from any playoff consideration. If an owner does not submit a credible lineup for two consecutive weeks, the executive committee will have the right to assume control of the team and manage it for the rest of the season. A committee run team may not make any trades and is only allowed to add or drop players if the team cannot field a legal starting lineup due to injury or bye weeks. A lineup containing inured players, players on bye or non-starters is not acceptable.  Any prize money won by a committee-run team will be distributed evenly to the other active owners in the league.

4.7 Anti-Tanking Provision

The Champions League is a competitive league, created for the league owners to have fun playing fantasy football. While the competition may be fierce, this is not considered a cut-throat league. In the spirit of competition and league fairness, owners are not allowed to intentionally create a legal starting lineup that gives the opposing team a clear advantage. The executive committee reserves the right to step in and adjust the starting lineup of a team that is clearly trying to intentionally lose a game. If the committee must adjust a team's lineup in two consecutive weeks or for three or more weeks in any one season, the team will be considered inactive and the executive committee may assume ownership of the team as detailed in the active ownership requirements section.


Scoring will be computed to two decimal places. This will allow points to be awarded or deducted for every positive or negative yard and will dramatically reduce the chance of a tie game. Players are awarded fantasy points for each week that they are included in the team's starting lineup. Players may only start at one position in any given week and will only be awarded points as described by their position distinction below.  Scoring is standard with 1 point per reception and all TD’s being 6 points.  There are bonuses available at yardage milestones for QB, RB, WR’s & TE.  For a detailed breakdown of the scoring please review the league rules summary.

5.1 Point Totals and Final Scores

The Champions League will be hosted on Fantrax.com Head to head scoring will be determined each week by the stats from that website. From time to time, the NFL may go back and change the scoring of certain plays later in the week. Fantrax.com gives the commissioner the option to make these scores retroactive. However, to maintain a sense of fairness and avoid confusion in the league, all head-to-head scoring will be resolved as of Wednesday at 8:00p Eastern. Any scoring changes that come out from the NFL after that time will not be applied to the league.



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