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20 Playoff Live drafts today, Final Email playoff drafts (1 Viewer)


Mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com is running playoff leagues again this year, last year we ran over 180 of them, these leagues will be both email and live drafts. We are really rolling this year we have already filled 49 email drafts, (take about a day and a half to complete). We have 20 live drafts currently scheduled for today, there will be numerous overflows and we expect to run 30 of them.

Here is a link to the complete rules/schedule of playoff leagues. Playoff leagues will start with the wildcard games of the playoffs and run through the Superbowl. These are 6 team total points leagues where you draft a 14 man roster consisting of exactly 2 QB's, 2 RB's, 4 WR's, 2 TE's, 2K's and 2 Defenses.

We also run playoff challengeswhere you pick 6 players each week, these are larger leagues in the Copper ($66) and Silver ($277) divisions. We are currently filling Copper #3 and Silver #4.

Live drafts take about 25 minutes and email drafts about a day and a half.

Live Draft Prices: Tin $46, Copper $73, Bronze $125, Silver $289, Gold $566

Email Draft Prices: Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $120, Silver $284, Gold $561

Email Drafts now filling Tin Email #18, Bronze Email #13, Silver Email #8 - these are rockets and launch immediately upon filling

Upcoming Live Drafts: (All times ET)

Thursday January 3rd: Gold 9, Silver 12:30/7/8/9, Bronze Noon/3/7/8/9/10/11, Copper 7/10, Tin 7:30

Friday January 4th: Gold 9, Silver 12:30/7/8/9, Bronze Noon/3/7/8/9/10/11, Copper 10, Tin 7:30

Saturday January 5th: Gold 2, Silver 12:30/1:30/2:30, Bronze Noon/1/2/3, Copper 2, Tin 1

Just an fyi - first dynasty** drafts for 2019 start week after the Superbowl

Playoff Draft Rules and Schedule


Dynasty Rules/Schedule


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