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20 Team Dynasty Salary Cap League with 1 orphan, but you probably won't be interested (1 Viewer)

What we've got: 1 orphan franchise - 20 Team Dynasty - $60 Entry - MyFantasyLeague/LeagueSafe

The AFFL is not something most ff players will be interested in. This is for the 1%'ers, the full time fantasy junkies - It's a 20 team league with.......EVERYTHING........Salary Caps, Contracts, Dead Money, Full flex offensive rosters, IDP, kick returners, punters, taxi, Franchise Tags, Team Captains, Extensive Offseason Activity, including off season free agency and trading with counter offers with an auction and draft for near year round activity

This is who we're looking for:

  • An owner that wants to be in a league with a lot of communication between team and commish and between all teams on the message board (participation isn't necessarily required, but there's a lot and keeping up with them, at least, is very helpful)
  • An owner that will go into this planning to stick with us for at least 3 seasons (we have a very stable league - still have 11 original owners, 14 from first two years of the league)
  • An owner who understands it may take a full calendar year to really get a good understanding of the whole set-up and rules of the league (The league rules are extensive; if you happen to be a rules junkie, like a couple of our owners, you'll enjoy looking for loopholes to exploit)
  • An owner with a good head for numbers - because of the salary aspects of our league, you need to be the kind of person that just likes working with spreadsheets and numbers - our 2020 Champion happened to be a financial advisor
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY must be a fantasy football fanatic that wants to experience a whole new level of nearly year round full GM management of their team to a deeper level than ANY other league experience you've seen
Here's what you'll get:

Our owners don't have teams, they have franchises. The available franchise, in my opinion would be just outside of the top 10...maybe 12 or 13th in a preseason power ranking of the league, and their financials are very, very good, and will be easy for a new owner to take over. You will manage both personnel AND finances for your franchise with so many different available options, that each of the 20 teams in the league end up using much different strategies. Lots and lots of them.

There are no position minimums. You can build your roster with a variety of position combinations (every team's is different). Your starting line-ups includes a Super Flex and 4 Flex, with scoring set up individually for each position. With our scoring system for example, a top tier RB will outscore a mid tier QB; in some cases, top tier RBs and WRs score better than some top tier QBs (our top 10 last year had all 3 positions, and also a couple of Safeties). This means you could forego a QB all together to invest in studs at multiple other positions and be just as successful (it's been done). The same is true on defense with 5 IDP starting spots and scoring different for each position...although you can also change some position designations (see how many options?) Setting weekly line-ups will be more like running a basketball team where you can plug in any number of personnel groupings. This means that 20 teams aren't all going get the exact same number of players at every position, and between that, and salary caps, and relatively small benches, even with 20 teams, there's more available talent in the draft and waiver wire than you'd expect.

To give you just a tip of the iceberg of the financial aspect, when I say the league has "contracts", I'm not talking about just X player for X years at X salary. Each contract you sign will be an actual contract recorded in a linked spreadsheet league database, you'll select from different contract types, decide number of years, base salary, salary each year, bonus money, you'll be able to divert salary around the cap, restructure the contract midway through, extend it, option it, pause it with season ending IR, - and most of these options, usually has sub options and every all of them have pros and cons depending on the player and your own plans for him and your team. You'll have the ability to develop a deep, obsessive relationship with your fantasy team, I promise.

So, like I said at the start, this is probably not for you, it's really not for most, and that's ok. We want a hundred people to pass on this so that the one guy that's really going to enjoy it will find it. Take a look at how extensive our league rules are (linked below) to get an idea of what you'd be getting into. This IS NOT a first come - first in situation. The league will consider and select from anyone that responds, but respond right away - our offseason has already begun and we're signing contracts already so we want to get you in and start getting you up to speed soon.

Please email me directly at <associatedfantasy@gmail.com> I see them much more quickly than responses on this thread.

AFFL League Rules

AFFL Scoring Rules

AFFL Contract Rules
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