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>>> 2008 Shark Pool Suicide Contest - Week 06 (1 Viewer)

Used: Philly, NYGiants, Buffalo, Jax, Carolina,

Week 6: Minnesota.


Pasquino, stop copying me, I'm first.

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Week 6: Minnesota Vikings

Used: Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, New York Giants, Jacksonville, Carolina

Week 6: Minnesota

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teamramrod DEN NYG ATL BUF DAL

Week 6 : MIN

Detroit hasn't won in Minny in years. Oh the pain of a couple of close losses. Kitna does not have enough holy oil to heal his back. Or his O-Line for that matter. No. 2 QB Orlovsky is hobbling, real or faked, would you want to go under center behind that O-Line. Marc Bulger and Trent Green say DAAAAAAAAMn. No.3 QB, Drew Stanton is like a puppy who cant wait to play in traffic. Roy Williams is angry that the QBs keep throwing balls that hit him in the HANDS!! IN THE HANDS. Stupid QBs. Rudi Johnson is the only former Bengal who wishes he was still a Bengal.

Ladies and Gents, this is the lead pipe, Shoe in, call my 1800 number now, LOCK OF THE WEEK. It will be an even contest until kick off.

41 year old Lion fan here. Drinking commences at kickoff, hard liquor comes out when we are down by 14. I hope to someday see the second half of a Lions game before I pass out :(

Plus, I am saving WAS for week 8 when they play.....


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