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2013 IDP Roundtable regular season edition thread (2 Viewers)

Bracie Smathers

Didn't see a regular season thread for the IDP roundtable and the latest is out.

Anyone please add as new ones come out.

Here is the IDP roundtable for week one...

2013 Volume#126a - IDP Roundtable - Week One (#1922)
In This Episode: Sigmund Bloom, Jene Bramel, and John Norton discuss news and notes previewing week 1 of the season, and its impact on IDP leagues. Topics Include - The return of Jason Pierre-Paul, Quintin Mikell to Carolina, a few three-down linebackers that might not inspire confidence, a platoon at MLB in Chicago, what we will be watching in week 1, starts and sits from the Guru, plus more!

RE: the match ups for wk 14

you really think chandler jones and ninky are both good match ups based on some points against data?

I'm a huge pats fan, and have chandler as my DL in both my idp leagues, but I'd think he's more of a sit, while ninky is the play here against schwartz.

if you broke that data down further into left vs right how do you think it would look?


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