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2013 QB Class is Underrated (sez Buddy Nix) (1 Viewer)

Lord Fantasy

Bills' general manager Buddy Nix tells NFL.com:

"I've said from Day 1 this quarterback class is better than everybody thinks it is. It's better than the publicity they get."


Nix goes on to say that there are five or six QB that "do a lot of thigns good and do 'em good enough to win."

Truth in the face of groupthink or rationalization based on needing to feel good about drafting a QB from a weak class?

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If I take Buddy Nix out of the title do you think the Pool will take this topic of conversation more seriously? Because it seems to me that the book has been written on this draft class when maybe people should take more time in writing their book.

I agree with him. I think we as a collective sometimes get too caught up trying to find the next Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson type of talent and, by comparison, tend to label everything else vanilla.

What we need to understand is that the types of players listed above are once in a generation type talents and most are Hall of famers in the making. But a class like this, for fantasy purposes especially, can easily create value. They may all look the same without any being distinguished among the others but we could very well end up with a class full of Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshalls, Anquan Boldin types; guys that are very coveted but don't pop out at you like Calvin does.

And, it could be more than that. Four years ago, how many of us were looking at Gronk and Hernandez and thinking they would be these players? Not many of us. All I can remember people talking about was head scratching and wondering what the heck the Patriots were going to do with Two TEs. And then, after that, the issue was "Which one will be fantasy worthy and which one will be a blocker"? As we now see, having either is a boon.

In today's world, too many of us get caught up in trying to make the news instead of simply observing and reporting it.

To me, evaluating QB talent is the biggest crapshoot in handicapping rookies. What I have seen bear out over the past few years is that consistent winners in college tend to perform better than combine warriors. Past combine warriors whose stock rose most sharply after their final college game include Blaine Gabbert, Jimmy Clausen, Brady Quinn, and I'm sure there are others, but I won't belabor the point. Guys whose stock has fallen post college once the Combine machine starts up are Russell Wilson, Tim Tebow, etc.

I am really under the gun to get someone out of this draft that will round out into a starter in the NFL. It would be great to nab someone who will grade out as a fantasy starter, but I don't see that happening.

All I am getting in terms of real analysis on this class is there's Geno Smith and everyone else. In college I was impressed with Wilson and Bray in the SEC, but didn't see enough of USC to really have an opinion on Barkley other than he was not a consistent winner in college. Of course neither were any of the bigger prospects.

If anyone can link to an in-depth article (free) on the QBs that is any good I would appreciate it.

Just last year, didn't see Russell Wilson throwing up those #s.......

like someone said, would like to find one where he has a good shot to win the job.

Last year, my eyeballs told me all season that Russell Wilson was the big deal but I then became inundated with all the talk about him being too short, too this, too that, etc, ....and I bought it. And it cost me.

So this year, I am going back to the gut (and eyes) and going with that. To me, although it will almost certainly not be an instant day one job given to him, I am going Mike Glennon.


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