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2013 Survivor Pool (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone. I run an NFL Survivor Pool and am just getting things rolling here. I was able to recruit a number of folks from the forums last year, and I would like to grow it again. Details are below! Feel free to ask any questions.


Hello everyone! It's that time again! With the NFL training camp starting today, opening day is just around the corner. I figured I'd toss this out now to see who is all coming back, and invite new players

Last year we ran this twice, and both runs went for around 45 to 50 players. Almost a double up from the year before. I am hopeful to increase the pool again this year, assuming we have a good 'returning player" count. I have already added a few additional participants to the list, as well as a large number of potential emails to this distribution. So, without further ado, here is what is going on!

The Mile High Club's 2013 Survivor Pool

Cost is $25 per participant. You can have multiple accounts, but they will each cost $25 bucks.

Each week, you login and make one game pick from the current weekends games. If you pick correctly, you move on to the next week. If you pick wrong, you are out of the pool. Pretty simply, right? Well, not so fast - you can only pick each team once per season. If you believe Denver will beat the Steelers in week one, you will not be able to pick Denver the rest of the year.

Ok, I guess it was pretty simple. The last person to survive without making a wrong pick throughout the year will win the entire pot! Over the last 3 years, there was a "chop" between the last few players, In week 6 or 7 no less, so do keep that in mind, and any chop will have to be agreed on between those that are eligible.

Interested? Great! Here is the login info:

Website: http://mhc-survivor.football.cbssports.com/e
Password: mhc123

You have to have an account at CBSSports.com, but they are free. For those that are returning, your accounts are still setup. Those that are new, create your CBS account then click the link above.

As for the money, I will need everyone's money by Tuesday, September 3rd. No exceptions. You can either get me money in person, or mail a check. I will take Paypal, but you will need to send it as a gift to cover Paypal fees. If you are out of state, Paypal might be your best bet. Call or email with any questions!

Looking Forward to it!

Paul K

p.s. If you know anyone that might be interested in playing, please feel free to forward this email on!
Is there a way for you to use Leaguesafe for the $ as opposed to sending it to you directly? I'm sure it would garner more interest if so. Also what happens in the event of a tie game?

I looked into League safe, and they do not recommend using their site for survivor leagues, as there is a good chance that the pool is over well before the NFL season is. The way I understand it is those winners would have to wait until the season is over. The last several years, we ended around week 7 and ran a new pool after that.

As for a tie, both advance as a win. It rarely happens though.


Plenty of time for this. Added three more players, and still getting responses from players last year. Looks to grow again this year!

With a little more than 2 weeks away, there is still plenty of time to get in! I've collected from 10, with another 16 on the way in. I've also talked with a number of others that are committed, but have yet to send in. It should be a good year!


Sorry Porkchop. Read above. Never had a problem without using it in the many years running the pool. I am sure you can find one that does.

With about a week to go, we've had a big influx in the committed column! There is currently $1900 in the pool! Not everyone has paid yet, but I expect most all of those as being real. We get a few each year that falls out at the last minute.

Regardless, there is plenty of time yet to get in. I would LOVE to see the pool reach the $2000 mark, and beyond!

Thanks to everyone that has helped grow this pool again this year. This will be my last 'bump' of the thread.

Through this morning, we are now at $2125 committed in the pool! Last year, we hit $1200, and I was really wanting to hit $1800 this year. We done blown that away! There is still time to get in, though the time for mailing a check in is getting close. I'll still take checks for buy-in, but they need to reach me (message me for mailing address) by no later than Wednesday night. Paypal (live2dive@gmail.com) would be the best option with the Holiday on Monday.

Again, thanks everyone for playing this year!




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