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2018 Early IDP Rankings based on ADP Data (1 Viewer)

Bracie Smathers

Nice list and a good starting point for anyone ranking IDPs where they take ADP to rank the top 100 IDPs.

Only showing the top-ten.

Go to the link for the chart/list.


2018 Early IDP Rankings based on ADP Data

The 2018 Getting Defensive IDP Mocks are rolling along, and very very early ADP data is coming in. While the data doesn’t really have a shape yet, we can still take a look at how the players are falling after early mocks. Below you will find the Top 100 IDPs for 2018 based on ADP data. Additionally, each player’s ADP Value is displayed which is made up of adding the players draft positions in each mock and dividing by the number of mocks. Each player’s best draft position and worst draft position are also listed. The table is sortable.

Check back throughout the offseason for updated looks at the IDP Mock data and rankings. If you’re interested in mocking, please let us know!

Check out the full data set here.

RankPlayer/Team/Pos ADP ValueBestWorst

  1. Wagner, Bobby SEA LB 1.0151.011.02
  2. Jones, Deion ATL LB 1.0201.011.03
  3.  Alexander, Kwon TBB LB 1.0451.031.06
  4.  Smith, Telvin JAC LB 1.0501.041.06
  5.  Bosa, Joey LAC DE 1.0551.021.09
  6. Kuechly, Luke CAR LB 1.0601.051.07
  7. Mosley, C.J. BAL LB 1.0601.041.08
  8. Watt, J.J. HOU DE 1.0651.051.08
  9. Collins, Landon NYG S 1.1051.101.11
  10. Mack, Khalil OAK LB 1.1051.091.12

ESPN 2018 IDP rankings based on their scoring criteria which is 'pretty' standard and they have ties at some spots.

Go to the link for the full list.

Just showing top ten from each list.

2018 fantasy football IDP rankings

Jun 29, 2018

These rankings will be updated throughout the summer.

We've split them up by traditional IDP positions: defensive line, linebacker and defensive back. 

Top 50 Defensive Linemen For 2018

  1. J.J. Watt HOU. 
  2. Khalil Mack OAK 
  3. Joey Bosa LAC 
  4. Chandler Jones ARI. 
  5. Demarcus Lawrence DAL 
  6. Cameron Jordan NO 
  7. Trey Flowers NE.
  8.  Aaron Donald LAR. 
  9. Calais Campbel lJAC
  10.  Jadeveon Clowney HOU
Top 50 Linebackers For 2018

  1.  Luke Kuechly CAR. 
  2. Zach Brown WAS.
  3.  Bobby Wagner SEA 
  4. Blake Martinez GB 
  5. Sean Lee DAL 
  6. Telvin Smith JAC 
  7. Kwon Alexander TB.
  8.  Deion Jones ATL. 
  9. Lavonte David TB . 
  10. C.J. Mosley BAL
Top 50 Defensive Backs For 2018

  1.  Landon Collins NYG. 
  2. Keanu Neal ATL. 
  3. Reshad Jones MIA 
  4. Jordan Poyer BUF.
  5.  Kevin Byard TEN.
  6.  Budda Baker ARI. 
  7. Harrison Smith MIN . 
  8. Barry Church JAC  
  9. Morgan Burnett PIT  
  10. Karl Joseph OAK

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