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$250 Yahoo Cash League 10 Man / 1pt PPR Snake Draft 9/3 @ 8p EST. 100% Payout (1 Viewer)


This will be my 2nd year running this league, last year was great, everyone was very active.  I haven't received a response from a few guys so want to make sure it's filled. Currently have 5 slots unaccounted for.

Here is a link to the league invite:


and here is a link to the league settings:


Draft is currently set for 9/3 at 8pm est.  Payout structure is:

1st place: $1625

2nd place: $625

3rd place: $250

Payment is required before draft.  Since yahoo handles payment, the draft cannot start until everyone is paid.

Shoot me a message or email me at dajosher@hotmail.com with any questions.  


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