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$28 Wish My Wife Was This Low Maintenance League (1 Viewer)


Lots of fun - good payback -- draftmasters format - draft it and forget about it



1) Inception of the League : The guy who started this league (not me) was inspired to create a fantasy football league that ... : (a) was for cheap folks (b) involved little time commitment; © involved a boatload of teams; and, (d) had one lucky owner feelin' like he won the lottery.

2) Alright already, how is this league so damn UNIQUE: Here are the highlights in a nutshell:

  • 64 teams
  • 8 divisions of 8
  • Little time commitment - NO waivers, NO trades, NO lineup submission (i.e. Draft Masters Style)
  • Each division holds its separate, serpentine draft (so 8 Fosters, 8 APs, etc in the league)
  • High Performance (HP) Scoring: Reception points for RB, WR, and TE (0.5,1, and 1.5 respectively)

3) Drafts - Rosters - Starting Lineups


RE: Da DRAFTS: Franchises will be divided into eight divisions of eight - each division holds its own separate draft. The drafts will be on-line, slow serpentine style with each owner given twelve (12) hours to make a selection. Estimated time to complete the draft is 240 to 336 hours (thats 10 to 14 days for you who are slow at math). Draft order will be randomly determined. Each draft will start SATURDAY JULY 28, 2012 at 9 AM EST IF we are filled. There will be a 12 hour clock - if an owner times out, the next player ranked by the MFL systems ADP will be automatically selected for that owner and replacement picks will NOT be allowed!

RE: Da Rosters: Each franchise will draft 25 players of his choosing.

RE: Da Starting Lineups: Instead of submitting starting lineups, starting lineups are automatically determined by the system based on the best-scoring players on a franchise roster for that week. So, the MFL system will take your best lineup (after calculating that week's scoring) from the following 12 starters:

  • Two (2) Quarterbacks
  • Four (4) Running Backs
  • Four (4) Wide Receivers
  • Two (2) Tight Ends
There are: (a) NO idiot liquored up kickers (b) NO stinkin' team defenses © NO IDPs (d) NO Flex. There are only 4 positions -- QB, RB, WR, and TE.

4) Scoring System (da points): WmWwtLM FFL uses a modified HP scoring (damn, that's a lot of abbreviations). HP stands for "High Performance" and tries to balance out the scoring by position so that RBs and QBs aren't so dominant over WRs and TEs. Check out da scoring below:

  • 6 points ANY TD (passing, rushing, or receiving)
  • 2 points ANY 2 point conversion
  • 0.05 point per passing yard
  • 0.10 point per rushing yard
  • 0.10 point per receiving yard
  • Minus 2 points for interception thrown
  • Minus 2 points for fumble lost
  • RECEPTION POINT for RB = 0.5
  • RECEPTION POINT for TE = 1.5
5) Regular Season (da matchups): Each team will play all teams within his/her division TWICE for a 14-game regular season. The regular season corresponds to Weeks 1-14 of the NFL Season.

6) "Playoffs" (da nitty gritty): Two (2) teams from each division will advance to the "playoffs" (thats 16 teams for you dummies ... 2 times 8 equals 16). There is a twist to which teams make the "playoffs." The division champion makes the "playoffs." Tiebreakers, in order, for division champion are: (a) Record (b) Total Points © Points Scored Week 14 (d) Points Scored Week 13 (e) Points Scored Week 12 (f) Etc. The second team that makes the "playoffs" is the team other than the division champion with the most overall points regardless of record.

Ok, so why do I keep putting "playoffs" in quotes. Because it is NOT a typical head-to-head format. Rather, the overall league winner will be determined amongst these sixteen (16) teams by the following formula..... We will add these three scores to get a total score: (a) the Average weeks 1-14 (b) Week 15 © Week 16. So, essentially the regular season counts one-third, Week 15 counts one-third, and Week 16 counts one-third.

7) Entry Fee and Prize Money (da dough, da moola): The entry fee is $28 (prefer paypal). The payouts after league expenses such as paypal, postage and a small amount for time and effort are:

  • $900 to 1st Place
  • $350 to 2nd Place
  • $200 to 3rd Place
  • $100 to 4th Place


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