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2nd year ESPN keeper league. $125 1 spot open! Leaguesafe! (1 Viewer)


Snake Draft online Monday 9/3/18 6 pm central time

Second Year Espn keeper league. PPR. Bonus league. 3pt bonus for 100 yards rushing and receiving and 300 yards passing. 3 pt bonus for 200 yards rushing and receiving and 400 yards passing.  3 pt bonus for 50+ receiving TDs and for 40+ rushing TDs
12 teams! League safe!Entry Fee $125.  All money goes into winnings!!

email at kmarsek@hotmail.com if interested.

$1500 pot
Playoff payouts
$700 first
$400 second
$125 3rd
$75 4th
Regular season payouts
$75 2 Division winners=$150
$50 most points

6 teams make the playoffs. 14.15.16
Division winners top 2 seeds with
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 Flex
1 TE
1 K
6 bench

ESPN scoring rules with passing yards changed to 20 yards =1pt in fractional scoring so every yard counts.   Passing tds 6pts a TD. 1 pt for every reception(ppr)
email kmarsek@hotmail.com if interested
ESPN Keeper rules. Can keep up to 2 or just keep your picks. if you keep 1 it takes your first round pick awayl If you keep 2 it takes your first 2 picks. If you decide not to keep anyone you keep all your picks.  draft slot already selected from last years record. first come first serve on which team that want!


3rd overall pick

WR    Mike Evans, TB WR        
WR    Michael Thomas, NO WR
QB    Drew Brees, NO QB
RB    Marshawn Lynch, Oak RB
RB    Kenyan Drake, Mia RB        
WR    Mohamed Sanu, Atl WR
TE    Jack Doyle, Ind TE        
FLEX    Corey Coleman, Buf WR
D/ST    Patriots D/ST D/ST        
K    Matt Bryant, Atl K  Q
Bench    Ameer Abdullah, Det RB        
Bench    Chris Thompson, Wsh RB
Bench    Tarik Cohen, Chi RB        
Bench    Orleans Darkwa, FA RB
Bench    Chris Carson, Sea RB
Bills D/ST D/ST


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