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2nd year Superflex league keeper quandary (1 Viewer)


I can keep 3 players in the same round I drafted them last year for up to 3 more years. 12 team full ppr all TDs 6 pts with distance bonus. Starting roster 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 flex at any of those positions, 1K, 1Def, 8 bench. I will keep Josh Allen [1st] but have to decide between two of these three guys: Chubb [5th]/ Olave [9th]/ Daniel Jones [12th]. Drafting 11th in odd rounds and 2nd in even rounds. I think 12-14 QBs will be among the 36 total keepers in this young league. I appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
In a SF with 6 pts for all TD's I assume that QB's litter the top 20 scorers and are by far the choice for the SF spot. That being the case I would keep both QB's and Chubb. I keep Chubb over Olave due to positional scarcity.
Thanks for your thoughts and I see the logic. My first instinct was to keep Olave and Jones as the biggest bargains as 9th and 12th round draftees last year. Then I questioned whether it wouldn't be smart to go with Chubb and Olave so that I would have greater flexibility in this year's draft to flow with best player at any position. I'd love to hear other opinions too.
I'd go chubb easy. Other player is more of a debate. I can see a case for olave or Jones. Due to what ya said about how many qbs are likely kept going Jones might be best at a round 12 cost
I appreciate your input...its a tough choice and I've got until this weekend to decide...keep up the good work footballguys...thanks!

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