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3 Owners Needed for PPR Dynasty Dispersal Draft ($150 League) (1 Viewer)


Here are the players/picks that would be available in the draft. Please PM me if interested and we can discuss details. I included a link to our league rules.

Picks: 1.01, 1.02, 1.06, 2.02, 2.06, 3.01, 3.02, 3.06


A. Rodgers

R. Wilson

M. Stafford

J. Flacco

M. Glennon

B. Hoyer

M. Schaub

B. Weeden


L. McCoy

J. Charles

C. Spiller

S. Vereen

A. Morris

J. Bell

M. Jones-Drew

M. Ingram

R. Matthews

K. Davis

M. Cox

D. Robinson

K. Barner

D. Richardson

R. Helu

K. Hunter

C. Polk

St. Taylor


J. Gordon

L. Fitzgerald

W. Welker

M. Wallace

D. Hopkins

D. Amendola

J. Edelman

G. Jennings

J. Boykin

T. Hilton

H. Nicks

R. Woods

K. Britt

M. Williams

M. Brown

J. Cotchery

M. Austin

J. Kerley

N. Toon

Ky. Williams

T. Ginn

St. Hill

A. Pettis

S. Rice

M. Jones

A. Roberts

R. Streater

M. Wheaton

J. Wright

R. Broyles

P. Edwards

G. Little

L. Moore

My. White


J. Cameron


O. Daniels

Z. Miller

R. Housler

Z. Ertz

T. Kelce

L. Toilolo

Z. Sudfield

S. McGrath

No Kicker Position Used



Green Bay

NY Jets

Tennessee Titans

Baltimore Ravens



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