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$30 ESPN PPR 14 Team LAST CHANCE League (1 Viewer)


$30 ESPN PPR 14 Team League
Snake Draft TONIGHT @11:00pm Eastern Time Using SportsVault.net

Email me at divyguy@yahoo.com if you are interested or have any questions.

Fractional Scoring System (same fundamental scoring)
.04pt per passing yard (25 yards is still 1 point)
.1pt per rushing/receiving yard (10 yards is still 1 point)
1 point per reception

100% payout
Championship winner gets 60%
Runner up gets 20%
Regular season points leader gets 20%

Payment ($30) needs to be made by 10pm Eastern (draft starts at 10:45pm)
Pay here: https://sportsvault....fractional-ppr/

First 14 people to pay are in… Time is ticking away and the season starts TOMORROW!!!!

We already have 8 in, need 6 more… Will fill fast!

Here is the ESPN league page… http://games.espn.go...6&seasonId=2013

You will need to be invited by to join, so email me at divyguy@yahoo.com

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i have a dynasty auction IDP league that is starting at 7am Friday until Tuesday of next week

send me your email in interested

mfl and league safe ran

league name is

The next level Dynasty gms IDP



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