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$30 Survivor - $12,000 Prize Pool - Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


Interested in the $30 Survivor we have going for 2019 season?

It's on ESPN.com, thru their Eliminator Challenge
Last year we had 428 people, for a prize pool over $12,000
And one person won it all.
All money handled thru leaguesafe, but you can pay thru other avenues if Leaguesafe doesn't work for you

Could that be you next year?

Pick one team each week to win, if they win you advance, if that teams loses, you are eliminated.

email Freezang_@hotmail.com to join

check out www.tinyurl.com/openleagues to see if there are any other leagues  you may want to join as well.
I am always adding new ones


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