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32 team Bestball Dynasty $50 dispersal (1 Viewer)


***All owners paid a 1 year deposit when they joined of $50 which you inherit (and eventually get if the league ever folds) when you pay your $50 dues for 2019. You will then pay $50 every year after.***

*** 5 year super pot means an extra $680 for payouts in 2020***

Overview of the league

*Bestball scoring
* 32 teams
* 22 man rosters; 1 man rookie QB taxi squad; 3 IR
* 9 starters
* Annual off season dispersal/2nd chance draft 
* 100% payouts, less MFL league fees of $70/yr approx.
* Designed to last for the long haul with league parity in mind to re-balance each year so the league stays competitive.
* Holdover of 10% of prize money years 1-4 in order to have larger prizes (Super Pool Concept) every 5 years.

link to assets available...

*9 new/returning teams in draft*




# of orphan & returning teams involved in the dispersal draft – 9

Draft order will be randomized prior to the dispersal draft. The draft will be an nfl style draft that will snake.
Owners may choose either a player or an 18 draft pick from the list with any pick of the dispersal draft.
Please keep in mind there is a 2 QB max on the active roster (this doesn’t include IR or TAXI)

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