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3rd year ESPN keeper league looking for active owner (1 Viewer)


Our 3rd year 12 team ESPN keeper league with standard scoring is looking for an active owner to take over a team. This team has the 8th pick in our draft which is being held on Sunday 1st September at 4:00pm ET. You must be available to make the draft time. League settings are here - http://games.espn.go...?leagueId=24478

We have a great group of owners who are quite active with trades and on our forums.

Link to the team in question is here and you get to keep up to 4 players each year- http://games.espn.go...8&seasonId=2013

Please message me or reply post if you are interested.
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If you still have a space, I'd love to take part.

Is the draft time 4pm EDT on Sunday? I'm in England so I wanted to make sure I had the right time!


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