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4 pm - Larry Fitzgerald [Q] - WR, ARI - Active (1 Viewer)

Practiced in full on Friday, I read. Almost always that means a go for the game. I'll wait for any late updates, though.

Didn't like the matchup to begin the week. Definitely do not like it now that he could be limited.


Larry Fitzgerald (hamstring) is active for Sunday's Week 6 game against the 49ers.
It comes as a bit of a surprise. FOX Sports' Jay Glazer called Fitzgerald "50-50 at best" to suit up, while ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported the Cardinals were not optimistic. Fitzgerald will be a dice-roll WR3 play as he's clearly not 100 percent. Inactive for the Cardinals are QB Ryan Lindley, RB Ryan Williams, LB Kevin Minter, LB Kenny Demens, T Bobby Massie, TE D.C. Jefferson, and DE Ronald Talley.
Benched him as well. There were so many red flags (match-up, Fitz's history vs. SF, OLine woes, re-injury, what he's done when being "questionable" this season) so ultimately I'm still comfortable with my choice.

Benched him as well. Hate when the talking heads are way off on if a guy will play or not. Like AP wk 1 last yr. Oh well.


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