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$400 Yahoo Auction PPR SF Drafting TONIGHT 2 SPOTS LEFT (1 Viewer)


Drafting 9/2 at 830 MST (1030 EST).

$400 12-team auction ppr SF, deep rosters.

Yahoo league is currently full, but unpaid spots remain on League Safe. First 12 owners to pay on League Safe will guarantee themselves a spot in the league.

Reply, comment here with questions or email me at copete389@gmail.com


League Safe Link:

Yahoo Settings:

Invite Link:


Omg how is this full. Cmon man I get no luck. All I want is a an auction league
I've got two more $400 auctions drafting next Saturday 9/10. Similar setups, one of them is SF one is not. Let me know if interested. All the league safe info is on the message board.

Thursday players will still be eligible for week 1 scoring. Any thursday night player drafted will be able to be started/benched retroactively prior to sundays games

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