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4pm - Hakeem Nicks - WR, NYG - OUT (1 Viewer)

Hakeem Nicks - WR - Giants

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Sunday morning that Hakeem Nicks (questionable, groin) is indeed in danger of missing Week 12.

Per Schefter, Nicks has a strained abdominal muscle, and Schefter received a text message from someone presumably associated with the Giants who said it "might not be looking good" for Nicks to play against the Cowboys. Nicks' absence would be a major matchup upgrade for upstart third receiver Rueben Randle, and a blow to Eli Manning's Week 12 fantasy football outlook. The Giants and Cowboys don't play until 4:25PM ET Sunday afternoon.

Nov 24 - 11:44 AM

Randle time!


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