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$5 NFL pick 'em, big pots: Weekly opt-in, play when you want (1 Viewer)


This is year 3 of my WEEKLY "Pro pick em" style office pool, and we are expecting some BIG weekly pots this year. Last year, we had pots as big as $180 on a weekly basis, and this year we are hoping to have pots from $200 to $500 each and every week. Will just depend on how many new players we get. E-mail millerpete82@yahoo.com for invite.
Original message:
So... per request from some guys in my FFL's, I am running an NFL "pick 'em" style office pool again, with 100% payouts. If you want in the weekly NFL "Pick 'em" pool, e-mail me at millerpete82@yahoo.com and I'll send an invite.- Then, enter the league password, which is: scootch3333 . It's extremely easy, you can enter any week you want by simply paying $5, and ALL are invited. It is hosted at CBS Sports (Office Pool Manager). Last year some guys wanted to run a "Season winner" pot, and though we haven't decided to do that yet, I am open to it (and it would be an additional fee and 100% optional).

Now, I run ALL my FF League's via Leaguesafe, but this is an office pool. Leaguesafe does not allow payouts until the end of the year, so it can't be an option because I pay each winner their pool winnings WEEKLY. However, it is only $5, so, if you are that worried about losing $5 to a stranger, don't play! I have been scammed in the past by a scumbag and so I will NEVER play FFL via Paypal (Google "matt linquito fantasy football", and you will see). I wish I could do Leaguesafe for this pool, but can't. In fact, if anyone knows a place like Leaguesafe that I can use and won't have to wait until end of the year before payouts, please share!So, you will have to have trust you will be paid, and if you would like some references before you send your $5, let me know and I will have some guys from my FFL's vouch for me. Again, I've run this for three years now with NO problems, so if you are worried about losing $5 thinking I'm a scammer, just don't play. Fair? If you would like to learn a little about me, feel free to visit a website I run and read my "About" page, which is located at http://theChristiandude.com .

Best record at picking NFL games for the week gets the pot, with 90% to 1st place and 10% to 2nd each and every week. So, 30 paid entries = $150 pot and $135 to the winner, plus $15 to 2nd place... 70 paid entries = $315 to the winner and $35 to 2nd place... 100 entries = $500 pot and etc. Again, 1st place gets 90% of each weekly pot and 2nd place gets 10%.

You are welcome to share this with the world, your friends, your family, etc, because the more the merrier and the larger the pot! You need Paypal to play, and NO MORE than 2 entries per Paypal address! Simply pay $5 at least 5 minutes before the 1st game of each week, make your picks, you are in for that week. Winner will be sent their winnings each week and usually within 48 hours of the Monday might game being completed. Monday night game total points serves as the tiebreaker. BE SURE YOU READ the league rules, aka the league "Constitution". Thanks all! E-mail with any questions, or if you want a league invite by e-mail...


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