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$5/week, 100% Weekly Payouts, Opt-In (or not) Each Week (1 Viewer)


*UPDATE* Week 1 we had 15 paid entries. One in 15 chance to win $75 for only $5 entry... why aren't you with us??? Coming weeks we hope for more entries, more players! Join us! Would love to add 5 more for $100 pot week 2.


So... per request from some guys in my FFL's, I am running an NFL "pick 'em" style office pool for a 2nd year, with 100% payouts. I know I'm new here, but am a 10 year commish vet, just new to this site. As of *this second* we have 15 guys, so 1st week pot is $75 to the winner... not bad for a measly $5! Would love weekly pots to get to $200+... :)

For our pool, it's extremely easy, you can enter any week you want by simply paying $5, and ALL are invited. Any week you don't want to play? That's cool too. Every NFL game is on the slate, and Monday night total points is the tiebreaker. Would love if you invited your buddies, family, co-workers, or whatever. If you want in the weekly NFL "Pick 'em" pool, e-mail me at millerpete82@yahoo.com and I'll send an invite.- Then, you'll just enter the league password, which is: scootch3333 .

Now, I run ALL my FF League's via Leaguesafe and would love to do so with this, but this is an office pool so it's not possible. Leaguesafe does not allow payouts until the end of the year, so it can't be an option because I pay each winner their pool winnings WEEKLY. However, it is only $5, so, if you are that worried about losing $5 to a stranger, don't play! I have been scammed in the past by a scumbag and so I will NEVER play FFL via Paypal. I wish I could do Leaguesafe for this pool, but can't. So, you will have to have trust you will be paid, and if you would like some references before you send your $5, let me know and I will have some guys from my FFL's vouch for me and have them e-mail you themselves.

Best record at picking NFL games for the week gets the pot. So, 15 paid entries = $75 to the winner, 4 paid entries = $20 to the winner, 100 entries = $500. You are welcome to share this with the world, your friends, your family, etc, because the more the merrier and the larger the pot! You need Paypal to play. Simply Paypal me $5 (Paypal address is located within the rules of our pool's site), make your picks, you are in. Winner will be Paypal'd their winnings each week. Monday night game total points serves as the tiebreaker. BE SURE YOU READ the league rules, aka the league "Constitution". Thanks all! E-mail with any questions, or if you want a league invite by e-mail...

Thanks all!

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Still taking players, and will continue to do so all season long! Opt-in any weeks that you wish to play. It's too late for week 1, but week 2 is a comin'! Join us! :)



Hmmmmmm, curious. I responded to around 10 different forum topics yesterday about roster suggestions and team ratings etc, and had at least 4-5 replies to this one, and they have since all disappeared. Now, it is showing I've only ever had 3 posts. What gives?

Anyway, we're still accepting players for week 2, and deadline for picks etc is 5 minutes before the weeks 1st game (tomorrow). Thanks all!


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