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$50 ***10 Team ESPN*** (Snake draft TONIGHT) Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


I have 4-5 spots available that I need filled. Snake draft is set for tomorrow at 8:45pm EST and could be pushed back as far as 10:00pm, but no later. Leaguesafe will be due prior to drafting, but I won't send out leaguesafe invites until I have a full league because I do not want to risk some guys paying and then not getting enough owners.

Payouts- 1st-$300
Regular Season Champ-$100

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I need 3 more. Draft tonight at 8:45pm EST. I will invite people that leave emails later this afternoon when I get off work.

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can me an my friend join

my email is dhickman@rmcad.edu his is carlosfloresfantasyfootball@yahoo.com


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