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$50 12 team H2H PPR league draft tonight need 1 (1 Viewer)


I have 1 spot open in a 12 team H2H yahoo fantasy Football $50 league. I have been running this league with great success for the past 6 years. Everyone is smart, dedicated and very active. We are looking for one more person who is looking for a serious but fun money league. The draft is Wednesday September 6 at 7:30PM EDT. The categories are the following (QB,WR,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,W/R/T,Q/W/R/T'). $100 FAB to bit on free agents during the season. Top 3 winners at end of regular season plus playoff champ get money. All money is collected and distributed to winners via Paypal. If you are interested in checking the league out and talking to other people in the league you are welcome to do so.

Anyone interested in the league email me at ney_122@yahoo.com

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