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$50 ESPN, 10-team PPR, Redraft, Snake, Waivers, League Safe spots available in multiple leagues (1 Viewer)

All rules for all leagues are the same, just the date and times of the drafts are different.


PPR 1-Draft Sat., 9/2 @ 2 PM ET. (2 spots available)
PPR 2-Draft Sat., 9/2 @ 4 PM ET. (1 spot available)
PPR 4-Draft Sat., 9/2 @ 8 PM ET (3 spots available)
PPR 6-Draft Sun., 9/3 @ 8 PM ET (2 spots available)

10 teams.
15-week regular season, Weeks 16 and 17 are playoffs.
4 playoff teams, 1 week per round.
Snake draft.
League Safe majority approval.
Payment required when you join.
Best Record, then Total Points used as tie breaker.
Draft order will be determined once everyone has paid and will be randomly selected by fftoolbox.com

League Link: https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=1429032

Email if interested: fantasybaseballguy42@gmail.com

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