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$54 buy in Large League, post for my commish (1 Viewer)


So I'm finally putting together a new league after being away for a few years... 
Looking for serious owners to join a new dynasty league with a unique twist. 
We will have 32 teams ... every NFL team will be represented. 
There are duplicated player pools. One for the NFC conference and one for the AFC conference. So basically two 16 team leagues. There will be cross-conference games in the regular season. Each conference hosts it's own drafts and playoffs. Conference champ advances to Super Bowl to play the other conference champ. 
Teams will hopefully fill up quickly so get in while you can. 
It will be a money league but it's only a $54 buy in ($50 team fee for winnings plus your part for Fantrax Premium services ($2.50) and hosting/forums fees ($1.50) for league). Payments made through Fantrax Treasurer. 
You can find the entire rules/structure by visiting www.fantasyfootball32.com. The rules are listed under League CBA. 
Please ask if you have any questions. 
Let's get this thing full and running quickly because it should be a lot of fun. 
As teams fill in I will add them to the forums page http://fantasyfootball32.com/forums/
Check under NFC and AFC for Teams.


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