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70 Team College Football Style Dynasty Startup (1 Viewer)


Time to get in on an exciting new Dynasty League!
League Features: Devy, IDP, Superflex, Salaries
$102 Buy In: $2 goes towards MFL Deluxe League Fee

Don't miss out on this exciting new league!
NCAA Football Fantasy is a 70 team league separated into 6 smaller leagues(conferences).
All Power 5 conferences are represented and an extra conference for Group of 5 schools has also been added.
There are 5 conferences with 12 teams and one conference with 10 teams(Big 12)
Each individual conference will have its own startup auction including this year's rookies, a one round Devy Draft,
and a flurry of offseason activities to keep you engaged year-round.
Once the season starts, you play 9 conference games and then 3 non-conference games that YOU get to schedule.
During the regular season, you battle it out within your conference to try and win it before turning your attention to the postseason.

The Postseason includes:
A 16 team playoff and 10 bowl games (4 major and 6 minor).
With 36 teams involved in the postseason, that means you have better than a 50% chance to still be involved after Week 12.
There are also postseason awards for best position groups that can earn you some money as well.

I will also do a video revealing the playoffs, bowl games, and awards.

League Fee $102 $2 dollars goes towards MFL Deluxe Fee
$100 x 70 = $7000

6 Conference Champions: $200 each ($1200 Total)
National Champion: $2000
Runner Up: $1000
Finish in Top Four(Win two playoff games): $400 each (2 x $400 =$800)
Finish in Top Eight(Win one playoff game): $150 each( 4 x $150 = $600)

Major Bowls: $480 Total
Rose: $125
Fiesta: $125
Orange: $115
Sugar: $115

Minor Bowls: $420 Total
Cotton: $80
Peach: $80
Outback: $70
Holiday: $70
Gator: $60
Citrus: $60

Heisman(Highest Overall Point Total): $300

Other Awards: ($25 per award; 8 x $25 =$200)
Jim Thorpe(Highest Scoring Defensive Backs (CB/S))
Davey O’Brien(Highest Scoring Quarterbacks)
Butkus(Highest Scoring Linebackers)
Doak Walker(Highest Scoring Running Backs)
Biletnikoff(Highest Scoring Wide Receivers)
John Mackey(Highest Scoring Tight Ends)
Outland(Highest Scoring Defensive Tackle)
Nagurski(Highest Scoring Defensive End(I know it’s not accurate)

The league will also have a 12 person playoff committee with two representatives from each conference.
This committee will decide the Playoff Rankings and ultimately the playoffs themselves.
An application must be submitted to qualify, so let me know if interested.

I will do articles, rivalries, and many other things to make this league as engaging and fun as possible.
While the site isn't quite ready, I want to start finding dedicated owners to fill this league.
You are also welcome to own two teams, but you have to pay for both of them($204), and they must be in different

Note: Notre Dame(if taken) will be a member of the ACC.

Taken Schools

Big 12:

Big Ten:

PAC 12:


Group of 5
1. Memphis

Link to the Bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13OV0SupgFXjCXUnjcXWIZyFJFheZUzETntqJNJWiUnw/edit?usp=sharing

If interested, email me at Wmthmps1@gmail.com to claim your team.



I want in! Extremely active and love dynasty as well as college football! 

I want Texas A&M!

Sending you an email now!!

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