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$75 ESPN Snake Draft 12 Man H2H PPR 100% Payout Leaguesafe Draft (1 Viewer)


Hey everyone,

I started and filled a $75 Auction league last night and I've been requested to start a $75 Snake Draft tomorrow September 4th at either 7:15 PM or 8:00 PM Eastern based on majority preference.

Snake draft will be randomized one hour prior to the draft.

100% LeagueSafe payout. Majority vote approval. 12 Person H2H. PPR (point per reception)

We will randomize division alignment once the league fills. Draft will be Wednesday September 4th, 7:15PM Eastern Time. Leaguesafe payment must be made prior to draft,

Playoffs will 6 teams (byes for 2 divison winners with highest winning percentage).

One week match-ups 3 rounds from week 13 thru week 16.

1st - $400
2nd - $220
3rd - $75

Team w/ Most Reg. Season Points - $75
Top weekly score $10(13 weeks)

Total Payout - $900 ($75 x 12 teams)

If you are interested please contact me at GDollman@alumni.flagler.edu and I will provide the leaguesafe/espn invites.
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