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8 leagues compete for $4800/prizes,$52 entry, 1 team open (1 Viewer)


The Ultimate League

The deluxe league consist of 8 separate divisions/leagues. Each league has their own pool of players and completes a separate draft.

The draft will be an on-line, long-running draft, starting on 16 Aug 2013
The first round of each draft is randomly selected, and each successive round is "serpentine"/snake draft.

Roster Positions: 18 roster spots, 10 start: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, Flex, K, DEF

Teams only play teams in their league and play doubleheaders every week.

Waiver type: Conditional blind biding with $200 season budget

Trading: Based on results of league poll

Owners can have multiple teams, however not in the same league.

All teams will be randomly assigned to a league and each leagues draft order will be set after the payment deadline.

Scoring settings/details can be seen here:
The basics are 4pts per pass TD, 1pt for 20yds passing, 6pt per rush/receiving TD, 1pt for 10yds rushing/receiving, and 1 pt PPR

League funds managed via http://www.Leaguesafe.com [ https://www.leaguesafe.com/HowItWorks ]
League Buy-in: $50
Entry Fee: $2 (this covers the cost to purchase this Deluxe league/any funds left over after that is covered will be added to the prize pool)
League payment deadline is 12 Aug 2013

12 teams are eligible for the playoffs. 8 league leaders and 4 wild cards.
Top 4 seeds get a bye week. Bottom 4 seeds play in a wild card.
4 wild cards will be placed based on top standings regardless of league
Prize payouts with 8 leagues, 12 teams each:
Each league leader after week 12 wins $100
All 4 wild cards after week 12 win $50
Playoff game 5, 6, 7 and 8 winners win $300 each (week 14)
Playoff game 9 & 10 winners win $600 each (week 15)
League Champion wins $1400 (week 16) Total winnings for league champ is $2350/$2400!!!
Note: League payouts will be adjusted to fit the final number of teams.

Toilet bowl champ wins $52, runner up wins $28
NFL pick'em champ wins $52
Survivor pool champ wins $52

To contact the commissioner for a league invite click here:

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This sounds fun. Wish it was an auction .. This kind of payout a auction based draft would serve as a better equalizer .. Or even a snake draft with a third round reversal ..

But send me a link I'm down either way


Interested, seems like there's a couple ideas for mega leagues at around the same price point on here, would be nice to try and merge them together to create the largest league possible, since I doubt they're all going to fill.

The setup for this league looks really good with one exception. The first round playoff winners get $300, but 4 teams with a bye only will have won $100 going into the next round. Perhaps giving the final 8 teams each $200 and $500 to Week 15 winners and $1200 to champion would work better? Just a suggestion...

How do the playoffs work? A redraft involving the 12 playoff teams? Seems like you could end up with significant overlap in players on playoff teams, or is that just part of the way it works?

How do the playoffs work? A redraft involving the 12 playoff teams? Seems like you could end up with significant overlap in players on playoff teams, or is that just part of the way it works?
That is how it is intended to work. This aspect makes this league ultra competitive. These teams will be challenged to make all the right decisions. There will be players on multiple teams during the playoffs. I am anticipating that these games will be very close. The league is set up for fractional (3 decimal) scoring and teams will not be able to see their competetors lineup until the first game starts. In the rare event of a tie, the league tie breaker applies. The reward is high and it should be a lot of fun!

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Does anyone know.....

For example -If you have a player that 89 yards receiving will the player score 8 points for the 1 point per 10 yards or 8.9 points to give a more accurate score for that player?

I have 1 team available.
72 Teams have paid their entry fee's.
Payment deadline 12 Aug.

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