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8 Team "Shoot Out" League Looking for Owners $50 w/League (1 Viewer)


Here is the link to the league:


Buy in is $50 held by Leaguesafe until the end of the season and the draft is Labor Day night at 7:30 pm Eastern time.

If you cant tell I like to come up with different ideas for my fantasy leagues lol. The idea behind this league was to make an 8 team league that is as deep as a 12 team league. With the expanded rosters it is going to be a high scoring "shoot out" league. As of right now we have 2 and are looking for 6 more. The first 6 to pay will be the first 6 to play. I dont want to have to scramble to fill the league on draft day because people didn't pay.

Pay out is going to be $250 for 1st and $150 for 2nd. Anyone with questions or who is interested in playing can contact me at astainbrook35@gmail.com.


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