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Active 32 team IDP, PPR, Auction league with openings (1 Viewer)


This is an active league, full of owners who want year round fantasy football. This is not your mamma's league unless your mamma kicks butt.  Most owners are checking the site daily, or several times each day.  Please be sure you are up for this level of activity before you join.
"Final Frontier"

32 team league


Open teams: (there will be a dispersal draft for teams with new owners)

Not the droids you're looking for
Emperor's New Apprentice (filled)

Mordor on Mars (filled)

Hal 9000s

Han Shot First (filled)

Darth Maulers (filled)

Wookie of the Year (filled)


Replacement Owner needed for active competitive 32 team salary cap, auction, IDP, PPR league

Top level owners needed for advanced level league.    Very active owners are needed, as this league is dynasty in concept and trades, chats and schedules events the year around.

Special features include: league wide 32 franchise trading, IDP play, auctions to acquire free agents, rookie draft, "Raid" draft, contract renegotiations.  The league conducts contests NFL pool picks, Survivor Pools.

The format promotes trading by positional scarcity and a scoring model that is time tested by other leagues.  The fantasy experience is very much like operating an NFL team.

Competition Level: High

– serious interest in NFL football and high activity level is required to succeed – year around waiver activity with rookie drafts in May

League Description “Final Frontier”

Comprehensive rules are on the site that should insure fairness.  Scoring is setup to value defense sufficiently to

allow for trading of defensive players for equal offensive players.

Knowledge is required of defensive players plus in depth knowledge of NFL players.

Drafts for Startup, Rookies, "Raid" Draft, dispersal draft for new owners.

League Characteristics

Dynasty format – 25 man rosters

32 franchises 

Starting lineups

1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
1 RB/WR flex
1 TE
1 PK
1 DT
1 DE
1 DT/DE flex
3 LBs
1 CB
1 S
1 CB/S flex

Knowledge of DT and CBs needed.

High value of IDPs, big play scoring makes rush LBs, President Trump, etc reflective of true value to their NFL team.

1 copy of players in player pool

Cost:  Free, I cover cost of league, but don't be put off by "free" league activity.  I also commish pay leagues and this league is more active than my pay leagues.

MFL website: immediate trades, live scoring options, interactive features.

Free agent auction bidding will by on the MFL site in increments of $1, and when you win a player, the winning bid becomes his salary. You can choose any length of contract for a player that is won in free agency.

When you cut a player, there is a cap hit.

Up to four players with expiring contracts can be resigned each offseason, but at a higher salary. So you will always have a chance to resign all players, but if you do it will cost you, and with the cap it will be a challenge to keep all your players. You will have to make decisions about who to keep and who you will have to let go (just like in the NFL).

PPR, although partial PPR (0.75 PPR for WR, 0.5 PPR for RBs and 1 PPR for TEs)

Augmented DT and rush LB scoring to put them on equal footing as other defensive players.

This is a dynasty league that rewards good team management with a relatively tight salary cap. It will be challenging to repeat/stay competitive in this format.

There will be a dispersal draft (rookie owner draft/ROD) amongst the open teams to allow you to construct your team as you see fit, rather than give you someone else's team. 

Below.  Send a brief history of your past FF experience (past experience not required, although preferred), including 32 team leagues, IDP, and activity level. 

Contact: themojoworkin@gmail.com

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Is the last spot still available? I'll take it if it is 

I sent you an email thanks!!

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