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Chad D

Hi all,

I play in a 12 team half pt PPR league with 6pt TDs for all players, 1pt every 10 yards receiving or rushing, 1pt every 30 yards thrown.  It's a super flex league, so QBs are often most important.  I am currently 6-1 and in first but with glaring issues: 1) CMC injury is unknown and I am worried about his return to 2019 form, 2) Kareem Hunt is out it least another 4 weeks, 3) Russell Wilson is out until it least week 10 and Seattle wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders before he got hurt.  My team is below:

Starting Lineup - Brady, Lockett, Cooper, Michael Carter, JRob, Geisicki, Brandin Cooks, Cousins, Nick Folk, Dallas D

Bench - Wilson, Hunt, CMC, Keenum, D'Ernest Johnson

Starting Lineup when all players healthy - Brady, Lockett, Cooper, CMC, Jrob, Geisicki, Hunt, Wilson or Cousins, Folk, Dallas D

I am being offered De'Andre Swift, AJ Brown, and Matt Ryan for CMC, Lockett, Russell Wilson.  It feels like a good trade b/c of CMC can't come back from injury properly, I get decent value before he busts.  Then again, if CMC comes back and dominates, it's an average trade.

Would love everyone's thoughts.  

Thank you!

Chad D


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