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Advice needed, unique scoring league (1 Viewer)


I am in a super flex league, passing TD's are worth 6 pts.  Point per first down for rushing/receiving first downs.  100 yard bonus for rushing and receiving.  This league heavily favors QB's and then RB's, with WR's having the least value.

We start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE and 1 SFlex, and 2 Flex.  So everyone starts 2 QB's naturally and having quality bell cow RB's is huge with the PPFD scoring system.  The best starting lineups usually have 2 QB, 3 RB and 1 WR if its possible.

Here's my normal starting lineup.........  Starters:  D. Watson, D. Brees, J. Jacobs, N. Chubb, J. Mixon, D. Metcalf, L. Thomas, K, D/ST.      Reserves:  J. Connor, T. Higgins, B. Cooks, M. Williams, Gio, Booker

So I lost Brees obviously and it's not even known if he'll be back for the fantasy playoffs.  My team is locked into a playoff spot and I am currently the highest scoring team in the league.  I am nearly out of waiver bucks so bidding on Winston is a waste of time, I'll never get him.  Newly announced starting QB's in my league go for anywhere from 20-50% FAAB and I only have $9 left out of 100.


1. Ride it out and hope Brees comes back?  I could start D. Watson and all 4 RB's (adding Connor in).  It's not like Tee Higgins is a bad option

2. Sell Jacobs or Chubb for $45-50 waiver cash and insert James Connor into the lineup.  Had some interest in that from a guy very weak at RB

3. Make a trade?  Very few people want to trade with me, I offered one guy Jacobs or Metcalf straight up for Matt Ryan OR Tannehill and he declined (he's solid at RB already).  Another offer was Burrow and Alex Smith for D. Watson.

Any thoughts would be great



I would say ride it out or try and make a trade for a QB. Dont trade for free agent budget unless its guaranteed to get you enough to out bid eveyone for winston. Even than i dont trust winston in the saint offense as it runs on quick routes which isnt winstons strong game. Is this a keeper or dynasty league as you could trade future peices for now. But judging by your post its standard and in standard leagues trading is like pulling teeth in my opinion unless the person your trading with wins huge.



Was offered Burrow and Alex Smith for D. Watson.....

Knowing I will definitely make our fantasy playoffs, here's their schedules........

Watson: Bears, Colts, Bengals

Burrow: Cowboys, Steelers, Texans


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