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Another 0-5 Player Keeper League Needs An Owner (1 Viewer)


Hey Folks,

I run a total of 30 FF leagues and I have a small keeper league that needs an owner. Below is some information about the league and team for sale.

Maniacs Small Points League - League Fee $50

League Home Page: http://www30.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/43776#0
League Rules Page: http://football30.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=43776&O=26

Basic gist of this league. 12 teams, 20 player rosters offseason and 18 players in season. Keeper Draft will start on May 26th. Each team can keep from 0-5 players. Starting lineups are 1 QB, 1-2 RB's, 2-4 WR's, 1-2 TE's, 1 K and 1 Def. Team keep can keep up to 5 players, but the combined total of the FF points those players scored during the previous season cannot be more then 1,000 FF points. You can see how many points each player scored by looking at the Top Performer/Player Stats Report.

Once each team has decided on their 0-5 keepers, the first 5 rounds of the draft, or the keeper part of the draft, is reordered for those teams that kept less then 5 players. For instance, if a team keeps 0 players, they will have a pick in each of the first 5 rounds. If they keep 4 players, they will lose their 1st round pick, but have picks in rounds 2-5. Etc

BTW NO rookies can be drafted during the Keeper Draft. Then once all 12 teams have 5 players on their roster, we move on to the regular draft which starts with the first pick in the 6th round. At that point, rookies may be picked.

Team For Sale 1 - Roster: http://football30.myfantasyleague.com/2013/options?L=43776&O=07&F=0007
Top Keepers - Aaron Rodgers, Reggie Bush, Greg Jennings, Roddy White and Antonio Gates.

Thanks for looking over the league and team for sale. Anyone who wants to take on this team, please send an email to Dave at LoneWolf1023@aol.com. Please make sure you send an email and not respond here because that's your best chance of getting the team.

Also, As I said above, I run a total of 30 leagues. Here's a link to my main league page :http://www.theultimateownerfantasyfootballleagues.com/
Feel free to read about me and maybe even look through the other teams I have for sale in my wide variety of leagues. Please make sure you read the rules for each league as there are some pretty wild rules in my leagues. lol


Hey Folks,

I meant to post above that this team has the 1.07 pick in the keeper draft and the 6.07 in the regular draft.


Sorry folks, but this team has been taken.

Please take a look at the Teams For Sale page on my main league site at http://theultimateownerfantasyfootballleagues.com/ to see if there's anything else you might be interested in. ;)

PS. The team in the Ultimate Small Keeper and Team for Sale 2 in the Ultimate All In One league have been taken. The other teams are still for sale though. ;)


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