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Are you as good as Saban or Miles ... (1 Viewer)

NCFF Commish

... or even Lane Kiffin?

These coaches, among others, have been in the news recently for recruiting players as young as 8th grade to come to their college football program. Why? Because recruiting is the lifeblood of collegiate sports.

And I think that we have captured that in National Collegiate Fantasy Football (the NCFF).

The NCFF is a dynasty fantasy football league that uses NFL players. But our league functions like college football. In our league, NFL rookies are freshmen, and they stay on your roster for 4 years of eligibility.

Suppose you decide that you want to add a freshman quarterback to your roster. You might need him this season as a bye-week fill-in or if your starter is injured, but you really plan on having him as a starting option in 2014. Who do you target?

Manuel?Geno?Barkley?Glennon?Tyler Wilson?

If you miss on this recruit, your team will take a step backward. Can you pick the right guy? And are you aggressive enough to outbid the other aggressive coach to get the guy you want?

The NCFF consists of multiple ten-team conferences. At the end of the season, the conference champions and a few of the other top-performing teams will battle for a National Championship title. Other teams who have a good year will compete for a bowl berth (and possibly a win).

The NCFF is out looking for good coaches as we start this league up in 2013. We currently have 10 openings left.

If this league sounds interesting to you, let's talk.

NCFF Commishhttp://www.myfantasyleague.com/2013/home/72916

~ Also, the NCFF has many free teams available if that is what you are looking for. Very similar setup, just without the cost.


  • Only TWO schools/teams still available at either $20 or $50.
  • We also have many free teams available -- enrollment open until July 9.

  • We just filled our last open spots for money teams. We will take a small waiting list if you would like to be considered for any openings.
  • We also have many free teams available -- enrollment open until July 9.

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