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Auction Start-up, 16 team, non-IDP, Salary Cap, Money League (1 Viewer)


Just getting this off the ground and looking to see if I can get enough to teams to start this up this year:Quick notes on the league:16 TeamsNon-IDPPPRSalary CapAuction start up$40 buy in (yearly) collected through league safe.Weekly cash for highest scoring team and highest scoring playerRolling Jackpot for 2 year in a row super bowl winnerWanting super active and competitive ownersLeague on fantrax (and proboards for off-season)Check it out here: http://legiondynastylg.proboards.com/PM me if interested or apply on the forum thread.

Still looking for interested owners. Filling up fairly quick. 8-10 teams left. Looking to start inaugural auction by July 1st.


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