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Baldwin or Sutton ROS? (1 Viewer)

I like Baldwin.

I picked up Sutton because I'm WR desperate but I was trying to trade for Baldwin.

With Thomas gone, Sutton moves up the depth chart but he is the #1 outside WR which means he'll draw a lot of the top corners. Sanders works in the slot more.

Here is how I look at this.  The ceiling for Sutton is higher but the floor is lower.   If you need guaranteed points then Baldwin.  Big games???  Sutton.   Since this is all about championship.....Sutton.

For me it is Sutton by far.  Seattle is a run first team that doesn't throw much anymore.  Baldwin still has two dinged up knees and has been terrible.  He hasn't topped 100 yds and is averaging under 40 yds per game. 

Sutton has the higher ceiling by far and is averaging just over 40 yds per game - and that was as a WR3.  I only think that will go up. 

I believe Sutton is a better floor play as well as upside play over Baldwin and it's not particularly close.


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