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Bell/2ND for Guice/1st? Non-ppr/IDP (1 Viewer)

Andy Dufresne

 Bell for Guuce/2nd

Non-ppr, I'm in a total teardown/rebuild.

This isn't enough to get off the Bell train though, is it?

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Since you are in rebuild mode it is ok, a 1st would of course be better but you can only accept what your leagues market will give you


Andy Dufresne

I rejected it but now it's altered...

Give: Bell/later 2nd 

Get: Guice/lateish 1st

It's also an IDP in addition to non-ppr.



I don't think it is enough for Bell.  He will be playing somewhere next year and there is no telling how Guice will come back from an ACL tear (see Dalvin Cook).  I would hold tight.


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