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If you could have any player at any position, who would they be?

QB - Brady

RB - Gore

WR - Marshall (edges out Andre Johnson)

TE - Witten

T - Joe Thomas

G - Steve Hutchinson

C - Jeff Saturday

DE - Mario Williams

DT - Albert Haynesworth

LB - Pat Willis

CB - Nnamdi Asomugha

FS - Adrian Wilson (plays SS but could not leave him off the list)

SS - Troy Polamalu

HC - Jeff Fisher

OC - Jason Garrett

DC - **** Lebeau

GM - Scott Pioli (NE)

Owner - Dan Rooney (Pitt)

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QB - Brady

RB - Gore

WR - Fitzgerald

TE - Winslow Jr

T - Jake Long

G - Steve Hutchinson

C - Samson Satele

DE - Justin Tuck

DT - Albert Haynesworth

ILB - Pat Willis

OLB - Demarcus Ware

CB - Nnamdi Asomugha

FS - Ed Reed

SS - LaRon Landry

HC - Jeff Fisher

OC - Doug Marrone

DC - Rex Ryan

GM - Jeff Ireland

Owner - Stephen Bisciotti

QB- Brady

RB- Tomlinson

WR- Marshall

TE- Witten

T- Flozel the Hotel

G- Chris Snee

C- Nick Hardwick

DE- Osi Umenyiora

DT- Haynesworth

MLB- Patrick Willis

OLB'S- Demarcus Ware

CB- Charles Tillman

FS- Bob Sanders

SS- Troy Polamalu

HC- Tom Coughlin

OC- Jason Garrett

DC- Rex Ryan

GM- Bill Parcells

Owner- Jerry Jones (pushy, intolerable but effective)


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