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Best possible FA destination for Josh McCown (1 Viewer)

some teams in need of a QB

  • Oakland

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  • Miami

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  • NY Jets

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  • Baltimore

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  • New Orleans

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  • Detroit

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  • Cincinnati

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  • Green Bay

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  • San Francisco

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  • Washington

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I was reading an Oakland Raiders message board and some of the posters on that board were saying that they felt McCown could come in and be a good for for for them.

That made me wonder what you guys thought the best possible FA destination for McCown would be.

Please give some reasoning as to why you voted for who you did

I was, and I guess still am, hoping that Cincy would sign him. He would be a great fill in if Palmer isn't ready. It really depends on his asking price though, as there is no way they pay too much for him, with what is invested in Palmer.

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You forgot the Other vote. Alot of those teams either don't need a QB or wouldn't want him as their starter. Washington, for one, already has Brunell and Campbell. If he goes somewhere to be a 3rd QB, then who cares about him?

That said, I think Houston would be a good fit.

Don't know, but he should go somewhere he can compete for the starting job. Probably wouldn't win the job, but he's earned the right to compete. He's got more starting experience in the past few years than almost any other FA QB not named Warner or Kitna.

Josh McCown would be a nice backup in AZ or anywhere else, but lets not think he's a starter for anyone decent......he played with 2 of the best receivers in football this year. That wont happen next year if he moves.

It's come to this has it? I'm a Lions homer and I'm finding myself desperate for my team to acquire a crappy team's crappy backup quarterback.


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