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Boldin tweaks Hammy, now listed as Probable (1 Viewer)

Seems like every year something always happens to him. Didn't he have hamstring problems in the preseason too? I have him as my WR1 here's hoping that his doesn't linger, but you hate to see hamstring issues :thumbup:

Not to hijack, but what are the statistics when either Boldin or Fitz are out of the lineup? Is there a big bump in those games?

Right, show me where it says he practiced "fully".
I already did. But here's another source:


Does this make you feel better?
Yep, feel better, thanks.Where I screwed up is when you said "On top my friend", I thought you meant the link on top of the page/thread, which in fact does not say he practiced fully. I never clicked your link until now, sorry.

I also was baffled that a player who just tweaked his hammy, would continue to practice. That doesn't make a ton of sense to me, but whatever...


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