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Breece Hall and DJ Moore for Najee Harris and Chris Godwin? (1 Viewer)


So with dalvin signing with the jets I saw a chance to acquire dj moore from a couple hall owners in two redraft leagues I already drafted. I offered najee and Godwin in both for Moore and hall in both. One ppr and other half ppr. Both were accepted fairly quickly making me think I might have jumped the gun but I really wanted Moore. Deals are done now so I'd like to hear some thoughts

Team 1 is a 10 team ppr superflex:
QB: Allen
RB: Hall (used to be Najee)
RB: Aaron Jones
WR: Tyreek
WR: Amon-Ra
WR: DJ Moore (used to be Godwin)
TE: Hock
Flex: Dameon Pierce
OP: Stafford
Bench: Dobbins, skyy Moore, Rashee rice, Kahlil Herbert, achane, mostert, Bryce Young, Mayfield, hodgins, wandale, and Michael Wilson

Team 2 is a 12 team auction half ppr:
QB: Burrow
RB: Barkley
RB: Hall (used to be Najee)
WR: Garrett Wilson
WR: DJ Moore (used to be Godwin)
WR: McLaurin
TE: Hock
FLEX: Javonte Williams
FLEX: Mattison
BENCH: Meyers, rashee rice, Higbee, roschon Johnson, Jayde Reed, Marvin mims, hodgins, wandale, Michael Carter, Jerome Ford

Did I pay too much for Moore? Felt I had the rb deph in both to part with najee and maybe hall is a force later in year
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I don't see much difference in Hall and Harris. I am somewhat down on Harris though. I like the deals as I would rather have Moore than Godwin.
I like this deal for both parties. 1 team gets Najee, so they don't have to worry about only having 1 of the NYJ RB & Godwin should be a solid WR for whoever is the TB QB this year. And I like the deal for you, because I am high on DJ this year & feel NYJ will use both RB, similar to what GB did with Jones & Dillon. But what's even better imo, is that both Hall & Cook catch passes regularly, so Rodgers won't have a problem targeting either. Nice trade & GL!
Good snag on an overreact on Hall, but the deal for me came down to Moore who I think will be fantastic in 2023 and beyond.

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