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Burrow - Goff - or CJ? (1 Viewer)


Got a decision to make before tonights game. I play in a non-PPR league. These are my 3 choices. Can I trust Burrow to finally start playing well again? Should I try CJ who has looked good but shazaam he plays a PIT defense at Pit. Or the fairly safe Goff playing away at GB.
None of these are slam dunk "start 'em" to me, but I'd go with Burrow at Tenn. Cincy needs to stay on track and keep improving. Burrow getting healthier day by day and he's a gamer. Cincy needs to stay on track and have their offense heat up now if they're going to have much of a season. Tenn pass defense is in the bottom third so as long as the weather is fine, I'd use Burrow. I love Goff at home but on the road is a different story. CJ has looked good but personally I lean to Burrow. I don't know what the Jags were doing, but Mike Tomlin will be coming after CJ and that weak O-Line may well get exposed finally.
I have a thread choosing between Mixon-J Gibbs-Javonte-Achane at RB if you feel like chiming in. Good luck!
I like Burrow but he has to show signs of life before I'd start him, Stroud has been great for me so far but yeah, Pitt at home is always tough. I'd go with Goff, he's got all his weapons healthy and they are slim at RB right now.

I have a post on a trade I'm contemplating if you have time. Cheers!
Burrows SOUNDs like the right answer but after 3 weeks of blah I am worried. Is he really healthy enough to produce fantasy numbers? I did read he had a full practice on Wednesday.
I like Goff, too. I have a league with Cousins and Burrow, and I'm starting Cousins.

I want to see Burrow have a good game before I risk him losing another week for my team.

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