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Who can you buy low right about now?

Victor Martinez?

Elvis Andrus?

Andrew McCutchen?

Brett Lawrie?

ETA: Jay Bruce

ETA: Josh Reddick

Who are some sell high guys?

Wilin Rosario?

Jean Segura?

ETA: Carlos Gomez

ETA: Evan Gattis

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Jay Bruce is a buy low I think, Reddick as well.

Not sure Rosario or Segura are sell high but I think Gattis and Carlos Gomez are.

Yeah, I have Reddick and almost edited my post to include him. Not sure if last yr was a fluke year for him, he doesn't have much as far as historical numbers.

Thoughts on Victor Martinez? I'm thinking about offering Rosario and Jaime Garcia for V Martinez and Madison Bumgarner. The offer would be to a cards fan, so he might bite w/Garcia, however, I'm a bit afraid to give up Rosario.

I believe the time to buy low on Lawrie has passed.

Andrus is a tricky buy low because I think he was just highly overrated going into the year. But at a big discount, I could certainly see buying. Not sure I could see the owner biting unless there was a good SS replacement on the wire or in the offer (in which case I'd probably still recommend the buyer just going with that player).

McCutcheon and Bruce would be great to try to get at a little discount.

There might still be some time to buy Kipnis at a discount.

I keep thinking it's probably a good time to sell Marte (though, I thought that 2 weeks ago too).

I think this is Rosario's breakout year and I'm just not keen on trading a good Rockies hitter. VMART will bounce back but Rosario is going to hit more homers and probably be a little better run producer. I'd keep him.

I'm not a huge fan, in general, but it's probably a good time to buy BJ Upton. He's a streaky, K-happy guy in a new league. It makes sense that he'd be terrible right now, but should be a lot better in the 2nd half.

Might be more of a June 1st buy though, I guess.

If the price is right, I'd think he's a great buy.But the way he was playing before he went on the DL, I'd imagine his value has actually increased over last couple of weeks.If his owner didn't have a good back-up option at 3rd (and that's probably true in most cases), he's probably pretty excited to that Zimm's back.Not sure why he was striking out so much before (health related?), but if that's not going to become a trend, he's a great option at a fairly weak position.
I'm not really a buy low/sell high person, but I like the BJ Upton suggestion best. I also think Ike Davis can still go big. Basically anyone who's struggles are BA driven are the 1st place to start.

For sell high, if I could still get anything at all for Gattis, I would do so.

Surprised to see Segura on here. I wish someone would sell him high to me.


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