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Bye Week Flex options Help (1 Viewer)

the shiva

Need some advice for a Bye Week Flex spot. I currently have WR J. Ross in that stop. Because my match up this week, my opponent has QB A. Dalton.. these are my 3 options:

WR J. Ross

WR C. Samuel

WR W. Snead IV  

My Current Lineup:

QB Ben Roethlisberger

RB Josh Adams

RB Dalvin Cook

WR JuJu Smith-Schuster

WR Calvin Ridley

FLEX Dede Westbrook

* FLEX John Ross

FLEX Josh Reynolds

DP Tahir Whitehead

DP Roquan Smith

DP Jessie Bates

K Justin Tucker

It comes down to Snead and Samuels for me.  I think I lean towards Samuels.  No real reason just a feeling. 

If feels wrong to say, but I'd go Snead. He's been the most consistent (not saying much) and the Bengals feel like a team ready to crater, if they haven't already.


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