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Bye Week Problem. Who to Drop? (1 Viewer)


12-team PPR League, with a roster maximum of 5 players per position.  We start 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K.  I have a problem at TE this week because Burton is on a bye and Engram is occupying my sole IR slot.  I am planning to pick up a TE streamer, but I don't want to drop either of my TEs because of the weakness at the position (even though it will be agony having 3 TEs on my roster).  I'm struggling with who to drop.  I'm a Browns fan and my fandom is probably skewing my thoughts on this because it's probably Mayfield or Chubb, but I also have a big hole at QB with the way Wilson has played and Winston being a complete unknown at this point.  If I drop Watkins, I could replace him on the waiver wire next week with Enunwa, A. Wilson, or even Watkins if my claim is successful (currently 6/12).  Any thoughts?

QB: R. Wilson, J. Winston, B. Mayfield

RB: J. Howard, J. Ajayi, S. Michel, A. Jones, N. Chubb

WR: A. Brown, D. Adams, K. Golladay, J. Gordon, S. Watkins

TE: T. Burton, E. Engram

K: M. Crosby

I would drop one of your qb's.  You don't need 3 of them.  I probably drop Mayfield since  Winston will be done with his bye after this week.  


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