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Scottish Rebel

Have Palmer in my FF final and need to know if Cinncy plan to play him all game or not. Any ifo is greatly appreciated.TIAScottish Rebel

Lewis is not giving an answer but it looks like Kitna. See below.

Bengals tight-lipped

With playoffs on horizon, Cincinnati isn’t discussing who will play, rest today

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bill Rabinowitz



Coach Marvin Lewis isn’t saying much even when he does open his mouth.

Like most 16 th games for the Cincinnati Bengals in the last 15 years, the regular-season finale today in Kansas City doesn’t matter much.

For once, though, that is a good thing for the Bengals, who already have clinched the AFC North championship.

A victory over the Chiefs will clinch the No. 3 seed in the AFC playoffs for Cincinnati (11-4). A loss and New England victory over Miami will drop the Bengals to the No. 4 seed. Considering that the third seed probably will result in a matchup against rejuvenated Pittsburgh and a fourth seed sets up a game against less-imposing Jacksonville, the Bengals would be forgiven for treating this like a preseason game. Get some work in, rest anyone with the slightest injury and move on to next week.

Coach Marvin Lewis has been noncommittal about how much time his starters will play. He has refused to tip his hand about whether quarterback Carson Palmer will play. Palmer sustained a minor groin pull late in the upset loss last week to Buffalo. He practiced Friday after missing two days, but Jon Kitna still could get the start.

NYCelt posted this in the pinned thread...WFAN, Steve Cohen, said he be surprised if Palmer played today. Usually pretty reliable.

Im pretty confident Kitna will see 80% or more of the work today. Even if Palmer starts, Kitna is a proven veteran and will run the O just fine.


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